(1) Message From Norman l Dream Manifestation quality

(1) Message From Norman l Dream Manifestation quality

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​Hi My Fellow Dream Chaser,

You might be surprised to receive this but all I could tell you now is that you have a special aura in you that you had never know and it brought you right here.

The aura has a special bond with The Universe up there which is why you could reach this page.

Here is a short message for you from The Universe and I hope you will stay and listen to it.

By the end of the message you will be able to receive some sacred answers.

I admire you for that because not everyone is willing to step out of their comfort zone, not everyone has the courage to change their life, everyone is different and I sense that there is a powerful attraction in you that has awaken, which makes you want to change.

I know your journey has not been easy and it must have been a struggle to overcome your biggest frustration and those persistent problems which only you could understand.

I truly empathise , it is never easy to get in to the world of manifestation. There are too many different versions and directives to follow and the more we know about it the more lost we are.               

All you are looking for is the opportunities to live your ideal life.

A life that you can achieve all your goals.

A life that you can aspire all your dreams.All you desire is to attract and get what you wanted.Be someone who could always give a helping hand to others.To spoil yourself and your love ones anything that request.

But for now, no matter how hard you try it’s always seems like a boomerang.

It kept coming back to you again and again.

I feel you and I totally understand how tough it can be on you.

You have been through a lot, but take a peep look-back, you have made it through this far therefore you must not give up.

What if I tell you that there is a customised programme that will be able to cater to all ages and income level. 

A programme that does not discriminate against anyone and I promise you it will work in your favor.

What I am about to share with you is a secret that will give you a little push to get your heart desires all over again.

​The universe is full of abundance.

It is your right to claim all these as a child of the universe. It simply means that you are entitled to have the abundance.

Since that you are here today, you will be able to receive the first abundance into your life!

​And with that said, you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort on your part because everyone or anyone, can easily tap into this field of wealth and abundance without any effort especially with the help of spiritual guidance. 

​You will be able to manifest whatever you desire so much faster than you think!

Well, before we move on, have you notice the slight changes that is happening around you right now? Your surrounding atmosphere had already changed without you noticing it.

This slight changes around your surrounding that you have not notice yet, is happening right now is honestly because your aura is starting to welcome and absorb the goodness from The Universe without you knowing!

Believe it or not, this is exactly what you have been chasing for and I so happy for you

To simplify, you are actually starting to gain more opportunity than others and you may start to feel experience the different level of abundance that you deserve to have.

Here is a short story about me and my humble life that I would like you to know about.

I was just an ordinary guy with a big family.

I have been working at an average job for years and it was barely enough for me to support my…


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