30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp new quality

30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp new quality

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ATTENTION DREAMER: If You Want To Save LOTS Of Time And Lucid Dream Faster, This Is The Answer

EASY TO FOLLOW: The Bootcamp is a step by step printable template showing you EXACTLY what to practice to lucid dream within 20 days or less (and you only need 3-8 minutes per day)

PROVEN TO WORK: Learn why most beginners fail, and follow our step by step plan. Unique, specific exercises to follow every day for at least 30 days. It’s very effective, and has been proven to work! (It’s now helped thousands of dreamers worldwide)

FREE BONUS: Lucid Graphics Pack: Lucid graphics pack to motivate you to lucid dream. Put them around your house, phone lockscreen etc. This makes it much more likely you’ll remember to do the exercises, and subconsciously confirms that you want to learn!

FREE BONUS: Lucid Dreamers Morning Routine: Follow our template every morning to increase the changes you’ll lucid dream

FREE BONUS: Lucid Supplements Blueprint: Learn how to use various supplements and tools to BOOST your lucid dreams and go deeper (combinations of techniques and supplements to explore your potential)

FREE BONUS: Lucid Adventure Blueprint: The Lucid Adventure Blueprint is a super effective program designed to help you manifest specific dream scenes and develop an advanced CONTROL over the lucid dream scene.

NEW FREE BONUS: 100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams. Over 100 mind blowing, unique and little known experiences and ideas to try in your next lucid dream (most of these literally NOBODY is talking about)

YOU’RE IN GOOD COMPANY: Join thousands of lucid dreamers following the Lucid Bootcamp and experiencing incredible lucid dreams (read more reviews here)

In fact, the movie ‘Limitless’ is a pretty good depiction of the sorts of things you can do in lucid dreams.

Want to play an instrument? Just walk up to it in the dream and play.

Want to explore an alien planet, or a desert island?

Want to change your life?

Lucid dreams and dreams in general have been the source of inspiration for many famous people in history.

Chris is an avid lucid dreamer and film producer, and actually mined his own lucid dreams to get inspiration for the film, ‘Inception’.

You may know Inception as being the first major film to bring lucid dreaming to a bigger audience.

Nikola was an avid lucid dreamer, and actually performed many ‘impossible’ or incredibly complex and even dangerous experiments in the safety of a lucid dream.

This enabled him to test out theories and ideas without risking himself or others, and then bring that inspiration BACK to the real world.

Salvador is a famous artist who created really interesting and abstract works of art like the melting clock picture you may be familiar with.

These works of art have been inspired by or created IN lucid dreams, and then bought to life in the waking world. And there are lots more benefits of lucid dreaming…

Exactly what to practice for 30 days, which techniques, reality checks, exercises and ideas you should do on specific days (and how to do them) so you can ‘hot wire’ your brain to experience lucidity naturally

It’s like I’m taking you by the hand as if I were there coaching you personally (which would cost several hundred dollars and take lots of time). Many students love the Bootcamp because it feels like I’m personally helping them do all of this, and making it less confusing!

Learn why lots of people read lucid dreaming books but can’t ACTUALLY have a lucid dream, because they don’t build up the habits they need in the right way. They practice the wrong things that actually stop them being able…


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