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Advanced Guitar with Express Guitar Volume 2 – The Advancing quality

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Dear Frustrated Guitarist,

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, or if you’ve constantly pointed to other players and thought that they possessed something you didn’t, read on you’re gonna love what I’m about to share with you.

Take A Trip With Me Back To The Future.

Captain’s log Star Date: 1977 …

I was flat out playing in bands, doing recording dates as a session musician on video soundtracks, albums and demos, and on top of all that I had a gruelling teaching schedule.

I Hit A Wall HARD And Was Stuck In “Cowboy’s Corner”
With My Wheels Spinning.

The more I played the better my playing got, I’d learn all the popular songs, hot licks and tricks everything seemed to be going along just fine … until …

… people started recommending me for better gigs and sessions!

University of life ‘brick-on-head’ moment #1:

“I suddenly realized I was trapped … stuck in a rut, my playing had hit a brick wall and I was going around and around in musical circles.”

It Felt Like There Was This Exclusive Club …
And Nobody Would Give Me The Key.

… I was out of my depth, playing with musicians who “knew their craft inside out” … I couldn’t bluff my way with these guys …

… I went into damage control practicing relentlessly … faster, louder, more licks, more scales, more tricks, more gear!

Playing Faster And Louder Was NOT The Answer.

University of life ‘brick-on-head’ moment #2:

Stunned, dazed, confused, exausted and desperate (insert: playing like a headless chook”)

It finally hit me all the stuff I have been concentrating on was ‘smoke and mirrors’ stuff … showbiz tricks …

I had not learned the language of music.

Devastating but true, I knew a whole ‘bunch of stuff’ … I was a competent guitar player but I was a stranger to the language of music and how it applied to the guitar fingerboard.

The cruel reality was very hard to take … I was on the wrong path, no matter how hard I practiced I would NEVER achieve my goal of being the complete guitarist, a musician who uses the guitar as a means of expression.

Maybe you’ve experienced a “guitar rut” or two yourself, I think most players do; getting stuck is actually part of the growing process on guitar … the problem is many players don’t know how to get out of the “rut”.

Mindless Twiddling = Soulless Playing

I got sick and tired of “mindless Chop-Building” and set out to look for an alternative approach … I suspect that’s the very same reason why YOU are reading this page.

… You’ve learned how to play the basics on guitar.

But you’re still feeling the need to know more, play better, expand your skills and repertoire.

Seek And Ye Shall Overcome

Determined to overcome my situation (it’s amazing what a powerful combination restriction, isolation and frustration … can be!)

After much seeking (and many false starts) I finally found a guy who could show how to tie all the pieces of the musical puzzle together.

Now Fast-Foward 30+ Years …

After a lot of practice, patience and perseverance I can confidently say I’ve overcome the “guitar-rut” problem … FOREVER!!!

(In case this next section is difficult to follow – I’ll type very slowly.)

It’s clear to me that the only valid creative technique is perfect coordination between the brain and fingers.

Digital Dexterity is strictly for the birds. It’s show-biz! Something to amuse Blind Harry On-The Trams.

If the brain is racing along at 500rpm while the mind is in neutral: You’ve got a problem

Digital Dexterity without the brain in gear can only produce digital diarrhoea!

(Please note – I have resumed typing at my normal speed!)

We All Come To The Planet…


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