Arabian Gold quality

Arabian Gold quality

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Now, let me tell you my story…

For generations, my family have been horse breeders, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business.
Since I was a young boy I’ve rubbed shoulders with owners, trainers, jockeys, the landed gentry and even members of the royal family!
To put it simply… horse racing is all I’ve ever known.
By the time I was in my late 30s, I was running my own stable of thoroughbred champions and working closely with the Middle East… I don’t want to be any more specific than that.

But just when I thought I was living the life of my dreams, things took a turn for the worst…

M’s trusted advisors didn’t like how close the two of us had become; locking ourselves away for hours long conversations that no one else was privy to.
They became nervous… maybe even jealous, and so they decided to concoct a malicious rumour that could have ended my life…

One blurry night an acquaintance, ‘J’, found me in a bar and told me about a rumour he’d heard;that I’d made a pass at M’s beautiful young wife!!
I was shocked and outraged and ASSURED him that it WASN’T TRUE… but it was too late…
M was furious and had men out looking for me. J warned me to leave IMMEDIATELY. He told me that men had died for less!
“Your Western laws won’t save you here”, he said.
Suddenly, with adrenaline firing through my body, I fled the bar through a side door and dived into the nearest taxi.
THANKFULLY I had my passport on me as I’d been using it for I.D., and so I was able to head straight to the airport, where I bought a ticketfor the next flight to Europe, which was bound for Madrid. From there I would take a connecting flight back home to London.
J had told me strictly NOT to return to my room for anything, or any reason, and so I boarded the plane with nothing more than the clothes on my back, my wallet, passport and phone.

J had told me strictly NOT to return to my room for anything, or any reason, and so I boarded the plane with nothing more…


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