Arabic Jelqing Exercises Videos|Iron Crotch Pdf| Exercising quality

Arabic Jelqing Exercises Videos|Iron Crotch Pdf| Exercising quality

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Qigong Penis & Jelq Guide & Exercising the Penis

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Why does the penis size matters?

1. A plenty of women prefer to be brought to an orgasm through vaginal penetration, and in such cases, sufficient size, sufficient rigidity, and sufficient staying power are absolutely necessary .

2. Among women who can be brought to an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, the idea of big, hard penis plays a major role in their fantasies.

3.More than 90% women confirm that a large penis is an important attribute,like following sayings:

“You also talked about penis size. Well, IT MATTERS! (At least to me). There was a time that if I liked a guy, and thought that there may be potential for a more serious relationship; I would take things slow, not sleep with him right away… but now: I try to get him into bed quickly. I don’t want to start liking him… and so on… and then find out he is tiny down there. For me it doesn’t have to be huge, but it has to be at least average. And for me, it’s not a psychological thing. I want to feel filled! And if he is not at least average, then I don’t want to waste my time with him. I don’t want to marry a man that is small. He can give the best oral in the world… but if he can’t stuff me properly… then I’m gone. I don’t want to get emotionally attached, no matter how great they are, and then find out I’m gonna be cheating on them for sure if we continue.”

Our Kung Fu Exercise is a traditional practice followed for thousands of years to protect the male genitalia in China, and has been a major in countless Chinese medicine colleges. It’s consisted of hard crotch and soft crotch, while the hard crotch, which has been kept as a secret, must be started from the childhood; the Iron crotch that practiced by adults is soft crotch qigong, which works effectively to cure erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis curvature, spermatorrhea, etc. After 30 years of clinical treatment and more than 300 patients treated statistics, it has been confirmed as a reliable cure with its more than 95% effectiveness.

40 Minutes per day, 4 months ExercisingFive Penis Qigong Tutorials available(5 Books, Pics and 35 Videos=Priceless Treatures) Dedicated to Your Lifelong Power and Strength.

Penis and Penis Qigong: Not only about Sex.Does penis counts?A)The envy of all men!B)The only reason women keep us around.C)The reason we wake up with black eyes, and are sitting in county jail.D)The reason I never got my homework done. …..

Penis is also called “kidney sack” in ancient China. The penis Qigong canincrease the local blood circulation and promote the endocrine function of the testicles. In addition to the function of advancing sex, this Iron Penis Crotch alsohelps strengthen and keep the male hormone—which thus also contributes toprotein synthesis, supply energy, resist fatigue, prevent con-senescence, tone up physical force, strengthen immunity, and beautify skin.



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