Binaural Music One Time Offer quality

Binaural Music One Time Offer quality

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The Full Binaural
Music Series !

35 Binaural
downloads designed to assist astral projection, pranic
healing, insomnia, chi building, aura cleansing, psychic development,
clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming meditation, improve memory, IQ
and learning ability, assist in balancing serotonin, melatonin,
endorphin, DHEA, reduce stress. No meditation
experience necessary. This
is a plug and play
system that can be used whatever else you are doing 

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did you know that the full series of Binaural musical
compositions are available to
ensure the brainwave  patterns are tuned to exactly
the right frequencies.  The way the music works makes sure
this happens very quickly.  

So How Does These Products Work ?
What makes them Absolutely Unique ?

This Could Be The ONLY

First, take a look at the products you’ll be
able to download in this package . . .

 6 Binaural Music compositions including astral
projection, spirit guide, prana healing, shaman, tai chi &

35 of the Binaural Harmonic Music compositions in one

4 Binaural Music compositions including alpha
meditation, theta meditation, delta meditation and epsilon meditation

-You can expect
the alpha meditation
musical piece to help with stress reduction,
curing insomnia, dealing with ADD, improving memory, increasing IQ and
learning ability, increasing concentration, working with affirmations
and imagery.  This type of brainwave activity is classically
associated with zen meditation, visualization, memory and learning
enhancement and Silva training. -Theta brainwave
activity is classically associated with astral projection,
remote viewing, past life regression work and psychic
activity.  It can also be used to balance serotonin and
melatonin levels in cases of jet lag, insomnia and depression. -Delta frequency
activity can also be used to stimulate glandular tissue; particularly
for the rebalancing of human growth hormones and DHEA in ageing. It has
also been shown to be beneficial in fatigue based disease such as ME,
CFS and Fibromyalgia. – Epsilon brainwaves have
been measured at 0.5Hz or below.  This type of brainwave
activity is classically associated with inducing very deep, advanced
states of meditation – creating nirvanic and samadhi
experience.  It can help coordinate left and right brain
activity – creating A-HA states.  It can also lead to
spiritual insight and spontaneous out of body experiences.

35 of the Binaural Harmonic Music compositions in one

5 Binaural Music compositions including short term
memory, long term memory, accelerated learning, attention deficit
disorder & Increase IQ

– Short Term
Memory will allow you to remember numbered sequences,
equations, shopping lists, etc 
term Memory can improve  anything from
remembered scenes from childhood to languages and scientific
data. This can cut study time by up to 50%. The improvement in
memory will be rapid, consistent and permanent. -Accelerated
binaural music
suite will help you to absorb information more quickly, retain
information more effectively and recall it when required. It has been
proven that learning capacity can be significantly improved by
listening to binaural sound in the alpha range. This can cut study time
by up to 50%. Listen to the
music suite as you study your material – you will find that you…


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