Black Hat Formula quality

Black Hat Formula quality

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Rank on the first page of Google

And get organic targeted traffic that converts every day!

The Black Hat Formula is the ultimate SEO technique that can help website owners to outrank their competitors in Google’s search results. By using our unique SEO strategy, your rankings can look like that:

“Is SEO worth the effort?”

We will answer to this question by showing you how valuable organic traffic can be. It is well known that Google search traffic is the highest converting traffic you can get. This is why the price of Google Search Ads is the highest price for any type of online ad. Traffic from Google searches is so targeted, that it converts better than anything else.

But how much is the value of this traffic?

Take a look at the average Price Per Click on Google Search Ads for different niches:

If ranking your website on Google would bring you only 100 visitors per day, the value of the traffic you will get every month would be:

So even a small amount of search traffic has a huge value. Now imagine how it would be if you would get 500 visitors per day, or even more! If you are on a popular niche, SEO can help you get thousands of free targeted visitors every day. That’s why all serious businesses with an online presence invest in SEO.

SEO takes time and is expensive

Because organic search traffic is so valuable and converts so well, there is a lot of competition when it comes to SEO. This is why it is not easy to rank on the first page and even harder to rank on the first position, especially for high competitive keywords. Regular SEO techniques, also known as White Hat SEO, take a very long time to improve your website’s rankings and are extremely expensive.

Introducing The Black HAT Formula

Our unique SEO strategy will teach you:

• How to optimize your website’s content for best results

• How to get hundreds of cheap and safe backlinks

• How to get the MOST POWERFUL links to beat your competition

The Black Hat Formula will help you rank

• Twice as fast than with regular SEO

• With three times less work

With years of experience in Black Hat SEO, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know the optimal way to do SEO and we know the secret that powerful webmasters use to rank their websites on top of the search results. We have developed an easy to follow formula that works on every niche.

The Black Hat Formula is faster, cheaper and better than any other SEO strategy. You get better results with less work and less money. How is that possible? Because we know the secret way to secure the MOST POWERFUL backlinks you could possible get, and that no SEO agency or White Hat SEO consultant will tell you.

The Black Hat Formula contains:

• The BHF ebook with step by step instructions on what you need to do in order to outrank your competitors in Google’s search results

• Access to our updated resource page, where you will get recommendations for the best tools and services that you may need in order to succeed in SEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Is the Black Hat Formula safe? Can my website get penalized if I use it?

Yes, our SEO technique is 100% safe. We have tested it on many websites with amazing results. We don’t recommend dangerous Black Hat strategies that risk triggering a penalty. The Black Hat Formula uses mostly White Hat concepts but adds a secret Black Hat trick that will make the difference.

• Is the Black Hat Formula hard to implement?

Every webmaster with a minium understanding of SEO concepts can implement it. We also provide you links to…


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