China Business Culture – GuanXi quality

China Business Culture – GuanXi quality

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Chinese Mindset explained –
Guan xi, mianzi and ranks &

If you
want to sell your products to Chinese market,
you need to understand Chinese culture and
Chinese ways of doing business. This Book
contains valuable information and useful
resources for exporters who want to open up
Chinese market with less trouble, efforts and

the AuthorAs
Business Director and Founder of
Australia Jada International
Trading Company, Mr. Richard
Tong has abundant experience of
International Business with

Richard Tong has Chinese
background. He understands
Chinese culture very well and
can speakfluent Mandarin and
some Chinese dialects. His work
can be the bridge between East
and West.

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countries who are hoping for
developing the business
relation with China
and help many westerners who
are eager to know more about
Chinese culture.

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Back Guarantee

Chinese culture is
distinguished from the
Western culture in many
ways, including how
business is conducted. For
example, the Chinese
prefer to deal with people
they know and trust. On
the surface, this does not
seem to be much different
from doing business in the
Western world. But in
reality, the heavy
reliance on relationship
means that western
companies have to make
themselves known to the
Chinese before any
business can take place.
Furthermore, this


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