ClickBank Bonus Automator — ClickBank Bonus Automator quality

ClickBank Bonus Automator — ClickBank Bonus Automator quality

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 100% Automates Bonus Delivery 

Yes! You Can Now 100% Automate Your Bonus Delivery When Promoting ClickBank Products

Watch And We’ll Show You Exactly How This Works:

From: John Thornhill & Dave NicholsonSubject: Delivering Your ClickBank Bonuses Automatically

Like a lot of affiliates, we absolutely love ClickBank. It’s a proven platform that has brought vendors and affiliates together since 1996.

We also love the fact we get paid every week without fail, and The ClickBank Marketplace makes it very easy to promote offers and generate an affiliate income.

There has also been a big shift from the Internet Marketing space over to ClickBank recently so it’s a place we can go to support the latest big launches.

Then add to that, the fact that ClickBank takes care of things like taxes, currency conversions, paying both affiliates and vendors at the point of sale plus ease of use for the customer and you can see why it’s the one of the biggest digital marketplaces online.

 Smart Affiliates Know That Offering Bonuses = More Sales 

Another thing affiliates love to do is offer bonuses, a well presented bonus can have a dramatic effect on conversions. This is the sort of results we get when we offer bonuses in our promotions.

Yes, offering bonuses can have a dramatic affect on the amount of commissions you can earn. However, the big problem with offering a bonus using ClickBank is you can’t automate the bonus delivery process….

Yes, with ClickBank Bonus Automator you can deliver your bonuses without lifting a finger. Plus your customers can get instant access to the bonuses you are offering.

No Waiting Time For The Customer, Bonus Delivery is Instant.

No Cross Checking Payment Receipts, Our System Checks That The Customer Bought Via Your Affiliate Link.

100% Secure – Only Customers Buying Through Your Affiliate Link Get Access to Their Bonuses.

With ClickBank Bonus Automator gone are the days of asking your customer to contact you with their payment receipt. No more waiting for email requests or support tickets and no more dealing with lost emails, spam filter issues, and everything else that goes with manually delivering bonuses.

Also, because the whole process is automated your customer can receive instant access to their bonus by following your simple delivery instructions.

Here’s how the whole process works when you use ClickBank Bonus Automator…

Step 1
User Visits Your Bonus Page And Purchases Via Your Affiliate Link.

Step 2
User Visits Your Bonus Delivery Page And Enters Their ClickBank Receipt.

Step 3Bonus is Delivered Instantly And Automatically.

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