Competition Transitions by Matt D’Aquino and Ivo Dos Santos quality

Competition Transitions by Matt D’Aquino and Ivo Dos Santos quality

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By Olympians Ivo Dos Santos & Matt D’Aquino

In this first of it’s kind DVD download package Olympians Matt D’Aquino and Ivo Dos Santos have teamed up to bring you the best and most effective competition newaza transitions. This DVD is a must have for anyone looking at getting a competitive edge in newaza.

Matt & Ivo have a combined total of over 22 years of international competition experience and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table!

In addition to their Judo skills they both actively compete in Brazilian Jiujitsu competition with both medaling frequently in purple belt level tournaments. If you are looking at improving your ground game, and winning more fights on the ground, then this is the DVD package for you.

“Newaza transitions was something I concentrated on throughout my entire fighting career. I won a ton of fights using the techniques filmed on this DVD download.”

Ivo Dos Santos – 2012 Olympian

This DVD is going to blow you out of the water. Ivo explains, in detail, many of the techniques, sequences and attacks he used to win in newaza. He shows you his super fast buchannon roll, his belly down bow and arrow choke, his super tight ude garami from on top half guard, his surprise sweep when people pass your guard and more. After watching this DVD and implementing the techniques your newaza is going to go through the roof.

This DVD is arguably one of Matt D’Aquino’s best. He covers over 10 different ways to free up the arm when you have your opponent in the juji gatame position. There are a number of different ways to get the arm out, but often Judoka get confused and don’t know when or where to use them. In Matt’s simple and easy teaching style he will teach you a fool proof way to not only release the arm, but be able to get it out, despite how big or strong your opponent is. These techniques are going to drive your opponents and training partners crazy.

Juji gatame is one of the most popular newaza attacks, and rightly so, it is fast, strong and is used by most top competitors all over the world. In this DVD download Matt shows you over 8 escapes you can add to your arsenal to ensure you don’t get stuck in the juji gatame position. Some of these Matt learnt from watching top level BJJ practitioners to see how they escaped from this common Judo position. With these defences you will feel a lot more confident when your opponent attacks you with Juji.

As competition Judoka you need to know how to pass or submit when you are on top in half guard. In this 25 minute DVD download Matt outlines his half guard system for you to see. You will learn how to control the head AND hips in order to pass the half guard. Matt also shows you a really sneaky (and mean) belly down ude gatame you can do when you are on top. Matt also teaches you a number of passes from both normal half guard as well as reverse half guard. Lastly he finishes by answering the question, “How do you escape your leg when they do the lockdown/grapevine.”

In this short video Matt show you how you can use your opponents attacks to your advantage. He shows you how to act on the mat to help sway the referees in your favour. These tips are something not talked about in most dojos but can help give you the edge on competition day.

This video is a must watch for any Judoka interested in, or who does Sankaku jime. Matt covers, in detail, the four main ways to finish the reverse sankaku jime, depending on your opponents reaction. These techniques will ensure you develop a winning sankaku jime attack sequence.

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