Experience God! Receive God’s Presence by Repentance with quality

Experience God! Receive God’s Presence by Repentance with quality

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FB Post from Debra in Colorado 1/15: “TASTE
HEAVEN NOW materials have been such a blessing in my life. Your
practical examples and exercises have given me understandings of
abstract spiritual concepts. I particularly appreciated learning that I
didn’t need to be taken up in order to visit heaven, but that heaven
comes down to earth to meet me here! The other thing that was helpful
was to understand that my physical body was included in this process,
not just my spirit body. Thank you for your transparency and willingness
to share your journey with all of us.”

from Pete, USA 2010:  “Though
we have never met, I owe you a BIG HUGE COLOSSAL SIZED THANK YOU. When I
first became a Christian I would always feel God’s presence around me
all the time. One day though I stopped feeling His
manifest presence completely. I didn’t know what was wrong and I fell
into a very very deep rejection… I would beg God like crazy to let me
feel His presence 24/7 again. I would only feel it during worship or
soaking prayer and then it would go away within the next 30 mins or so
and I would feel depressed once again. I realized my need for God’s
presence 24/7 but had no idea what was wrong. Your website saved my
life. Although your website is really really big and so are your ebooks.
I read through almost all of your material and started applying it. At
first there were no results at all. Because I had nowhere else to go I
kept applying your principles more and more diligently until my heart
got soft enough to hear and finally it did. Now I feel God’s presence
24/7 and am so so thankful for you and your ministry. Again, you
literally saved my life and I’m forever indebted to you. THANK YOU SO SO

Email from David in QLD Australia 3/09:
have been heavily involved in ministry in my church…I love your
site…your site makes sense…..and appears one of the most significant
contributions to Christian literature I have encountered and I am
reasonably well read…”

Email from
Yolande in S. Africa 7/09:  “…I have been reading some
deep and exciting books by people having heavenly encounters and was
crying out in my heart for foundational teaching, for I wanted this so
much and wanted it practical. During a long fast, I came across your
website. I have purchased your books (can recommend to every hungry
soul) and have shared with others who are purely delighted at the light
you bring. You are a exceptional good teacher, a pure gift from heaven,
practical, grounded in the Word, spiritual and sincere, and you lay a
foundation so we as the church can get more out of the literature of
pioneers and ground breakers…who wets our appetites for the deepest
places in God.”

are not alone! During 2005 the average
number of people on this website for each day was over 584. 



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