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First Strike quality

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Attention: Any Man Concerned With The Rise Of Violent Encounters In Singapore — and Who Wants To Protect Himself and His Family From Those Who Intend Harm — Must Master The 17 Viciously Effective Special Forces Combatives Moves Now Revealed For The First Time On This Page

But after two towering men were unconscious on the ground, nobody was laughing anymore.

In fact, this angry mob turned into a dispersed crowd of panicked individuals running in different directions.

Yet the man who put these two criminals on the ground, had never been in a fight once in his life.

So how did Steve (a normal blue collar guy who hadn’t worked out in years) lay out these two aggressive guys twice his size and disperse a mob of people that were starting to surround him?

Steve quickly read the situation, which we’ll look at more closely in a minute.

He recognized all the patterns that were playing out in front of him.

And because he understood the situation, he had the confidence to trust his own instinctive reaction to subdue his aggressors.

And get this… he learned in less than an hour how to unleash his genetically hardwired ability to dish out devastating force — without any formal martial arts training.

In fact, he used a collection of techniques that the US Military train every soldier in.1

I’ll tell you all about those techniques and exactly how Steve used them in just a minute, but please, you need to understand this…

In 2020, the chance of a “fair fight” occurring is very unlikely.

It’s not like back in the day when you’d go to the parking lot and settle the argument like men.

Violent encounters due to the chaos and civil unrest happening today, have shown us “fair” doesn’t exist anymore.

The mob of people who want to cause nothing but trouble don’t care about honor and respect as men, in fact, they don’t care about much at all aside from causing mayhem.

And with talks of reducing the funding for officers of the law, the idea that all you need to do is wait and the good guys will show up to save the day is completely out the door.

And I know that’s frustrating, I’m right there with you, but what you need to understand is you don’t have a choice.

That responsibility is on you now, no one else, and it’s irresponsible as an American to stick your head in the sand.

You need to know how to defend yourself against the unknown of chaos in order to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

So I’m going to show you in this letter how even someone like Steve, who looked like an easy target, was able to make it home safely that night without anyone laying a finger on him or his wife.

I began my career as a Special Operator in the Canadian Special Service Force.2

And until recently, I served as the leader of one of the most prestigious SWAT Teams in the world.

Together with Personal Protection expert and long-time martial arts teacher Ari Kay, we’re on a mission to help men around the world regain the confidence that comes from KNOWING you can take care of business when a threat emerges.

And I want to show you exactly how to unlock that warrior instinct that’s within every single one of us men…

Now, let me explain to you the biggest misconception that I hear from a lot of men.

You see, most guys think that as long as they stay out of harm’s way, trouble won’t find them, but that’s oftentimes not the case.

Think about this… What is it worth to have confidence knowing you can keep your family safe if chaos erupts?

If you asked me that question, I’d say it’s priceless.

Listen, Steve’s story could have turned out much…


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