Fred’s DIY Plans – More than 5000 Building plans quality

Fred’s DIY Plans – More than 5000 Building plans quality

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From: Fred SchoutenCarpenter and DIY freak to the bone

If you have landed on this page, chances are that you are working on a do-it-yourself project.

You have probably already spent a lot of money on building materials, only to find out that the project was going to take a lot longer than planned. Or to find out that the dimensions are incorrect in practice!

This is the problem: most building plans and plans that you find online and offline are worthless!

Why? The plans are often incomplete, unclear and lack dimensions. They are often intended to promote products instead of helping you!

Below I tell you the story of more than 21,000 do-it-yourselfers in the Netherlands and Belgium who are currently achieving perfect do-it-yourself results. In an instant. No hassle. And also without technical knowledge.

Do you know what I like? That their results are much better than they could have imagined in advance. Much better than most people (including the super handy!) Will ever realize. Those results are also reserved for you!

We both know how good it feels to finish a project smoothly and to perfection.

It feels SO satisfying to create with your hands what your eyes can see. Getting compliments from the people around you… What’s not to love?

Such a shame though that projects often take way more time than you had anticipated. Or that they end up being a disappointment… After hours and hours of hard work, you’re too afraid to show people what you’ve created. That sucks!

Trust me: it happened to me way too often. True, carpentry and DIYing sit in my blood. But there was a time where I couldn’t always create what I saw. And I wasn’t particularly quick at creating things either… Through trial and error, I grew wise – which costed me loads of time and money.

It doesn’t have to be like that for you.

Just imagine: you have an idea for a project. You take the drawing that matches it exactly, go to work and finish your project in no time.

No searches, no fuss, no expensive bill from an agency. Only admiration from friends and family and a VERY satisfying feeling.

And not for just one project. But always. Every single time that you come up with a project or idea.

Wouldn’t that be great?

I ended up totally frustrated from searching without any results. That is why I started making my own blueprints. All I have ever built has been turned into a drawing.

Drawings are the key to achieving perfect DIY results.

These past years I have made over 5000 drawings for you in such a way that any DIYer can work with them, even if you’re not particularly experienced or a true handyman.

And the beauty of it all? You can get things done. Adjust your components to the right size and assemble them in the right order.

All drawings have been collected into the complete DIY Blueprints Package. Including clear step-by-step building plans that will explain things in such a simple way things can’t go wrong.

My Building Plans Package is for do-it-yourselfers of every level. Whether you want to build something for the first time or have been a carpenter for years. The result is just as tight due to the easy to follow steps in the plans.

Do you need some more ideas? Walk through the building plans and get fantastic ideas. It is also a source of inspiration if you like to work with your hands.

Though I have been DIYing ever since owning my first house (in 1987), and I have seen many drawings, books and building plans, these are simply the best!

Not only does the package contain more drawings than you will ever need, it is so clear and easy to follow.

Nico van…


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