Golf cart batteries | Golf Cart Batteries Maintenance quality

Golf cart batteries | Golf Cart Batteries Maintenance quality

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Choosing the right golf cart batteriesandKnowing how to properly service your golf cart’snon-sealed, lead acid batteries

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Are you aware that the most common breakdown problem with an electric-powered golf cart is probably the batteries?Would you like to have no unexpected downtime that may cost you time, money and ruin your day?Discover how to double or triple the life of your golf cart’s non sealed, lead acid, deep cycle batteries?Well, here is the most important factor……..

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  For instance, did  you know that improperly maintained electric golf cart lead acid batteries can pose serious, even dangerous threats ?

 The Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide on “How to choose, service and maintain your golf cart’s batteries”
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To obtain the maximum return on your battery investment, follow the guidelines outlined in our ebook to obtain the best performance and a longer life from your lead acid, deep cycle batteries.

Remember, if your golf cart batteries are not properly serviced, they WILL fail to work properly!

Just imagine the implications !

Nothing is worse than climbing into your golf cart anticipating to play a good round of golf only to find your golf cart batteries are dead !

Your batteries provide the power that makes the cart move.
Their charge is used, depleted, and then recharged again, …..

then used, depleted, recharged…. again and again.

 Wouldn’t you like to know these essential things now rather than after your cart breaks down due to battery failure ?Can you really afford the risk of looking forward to a great round of golf only to find out that you aren’t able to use your golf cart ?Wouldn’t it be better to learn how to prevent battery breakdowns from occurring before they happen ?

We provide a number of reminders and tips such as

The Guide also has Winter storage tips to follow for
the proper Winter storage of your electric golf cart (see page 33)

Here’s just some of…


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