How To Beat The Big Guy quality

How To Beat The Big Guy quality

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If you are anything like me then you just know how frightening it can be when you are confronted with someone much taller, much bigger, much stronger and they are intent on doing you harm.

It is a true nightmare scenario!

And it can get even worse – Just imagine if that same monster was intent on doing harm to your Wife, your Partner, your Sister, your Mother or your Daughter.

What if that attacker had them down on the ground and was literally trying to strangle them to death.

These are disgusting scenarios that we as good, decent, law abiding people don’t even want to consider – unfortunately it is a sad truth that violent crime has reached epidemic proportions.

We are all much more likely to be attacked now than we have ever been.

Fernando Salvador began training Gracie Jiu-jitsu in 1992, he is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Master Pedro Sauer.

Here are just a few of his accomplishments:

Fernando specialises in helping anyone improve their self defense skills.

As a Fight Trainer he is in constant demand from MMA Fighters around the Globe.

You are in safe hands learning from this Master of the Arts.

At 5ft 3 and about 120 lbs, Fernando is in the perfect position to help the smaller person overcome the odds against bigger opponents.

He has been doing that his entire career.

It is this simple – he KNOWS EXACTLY what will work for you and your loved ones, when it really matters.

I am going to teach you the EXACT Self Defense moves that we use in BJJ.

These techniques have been proven to work both inside and outside of the Cage and are ideal for the smaller person against the larger opponent.

Not only will you see me perform these techniques, but afterwards you will see the Worlds No.1 Pressure Point Fighting Expert, Russell Stutely ADD Pressure Points to many of these techniques and variations that will DRAMATICALLY increase the effectiveness yet again.For those BJJ practitioners out there in any doubt, I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of these Pressure Point enhanced techniques.REMEMBER: What Russell will show you is for Self Defense only. You will most likely be banned from competition if you try these on the mat.

Russell is the Worlds leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach.

Russell has been teaching his unique system for over 20 Years all around the World.

He has helped 1000’s of people just like you, improve their Self Defense skills – virtually overnight.

For over 20 Years now, I have been travelling the Globe teaching my systems to Police Forces, Military Units, Martial Artists, Security Officers and to Corporate Bodies.

My systems are ”required learning” at nearly 100 Police Academies. Over 20,000 Security Officers per year become Certified in my systems.

This is no accident – it is because my systems work and they work damned fast.

I have worked with Professional Fighters to increase their speed, timing, distancing, punching power and much more.

I have hundreds of rounds with Professional Boxers at the highest levels under my belt.

I have had broken ribs, my jaw broke, teeth smashed out and still carried on fighting.

I have worked Security in several Countries and have first hand experience of real World violence.

I tell you this, not to blow my own trumpet, but to let you know for sure, that you are indeed in the right hands when it comes to getting the right information about defending yourself and your loved ones.

We asked Fernando to show us EXACTLY how Gracie Ju Jitsu would handle some of the most common Self Defense scenarios for the smaller person or the weaker person out there on…


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