How To Import From China quality

How To Import From China quality

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Are you interested
in importing from China? Let our professional
team assist you. Importing from China has never
been easy with the guidance of this Book. We are
helping you to build your own extroardinary
importing business. Proper guidance and easy to
follow system will assist you obtain valuable
Chinese products within your reach and
fingertips. This Book
contains valuable
information and
useful resources,
such as detailed
step by step
importing procedure,
translation, Chinese

& Customs, Mass
Production &
Quality Control,
Chinese Holidays,

Chinese Zodiac, Feasibility

Check, EDI in
etc.. specially
designed for
companies who
want to
relation with

After completion of Bachelor
degree of Business Administration from
university, before settling in Australia, he
had held important entrepreneurial role in China
Technical Import & Export Corporation
for 5 years.

Mr. Richard Tong has
Chinese background. He
understands Chinese culture very well
and can speak fluent Mandarin and some
Chinese dialects.


to Use this Book Thanks for joining me on
this journey!
In order to create very clear venation for you as
reader and international business learner, this book
has been formatted into an easy to follow…


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