Howard Berg's Speed Reading Course – Professional quality

Howard Berg's Speed Reading Course – Professional quality

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Extracting Schema

Re-framing Information

Reducing Subvocalization

SR2Q Technique

Speed Reading on a Kindle

Workbook designed for professionals to build their skills

Are you afraid to buy this course only to find out it is not for you? Then, leave your worries at the door. Because we guarantee maximum satisfaction from the course. However, if you are not satisfied, shoot us an email within the first 15 days. We will provide a full refund.

If you have long work hours such as 9-5, you will hardly get time to rest properly, let alone read books. For an average person, reading a 400-page book can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. Do you want to spend that long time completing your book? You don’t, right? This is where speed reading can help you as a professional. You save more time reading books. Thus,  allowing you to read more books in a year.

Speed reading is nothing but rewiring your brain to learn and read faster. Studies have shown that many people rewire their brains to increase memory. By using the principle of neuroplasticity, one can learn speed reading. However, problems come when you cannot comprehend what you read. Our course covers improving comprehension training.

You will have lifelong access to the course if you sign up for the Unlimited Version.

The course is delivered in 7 modules. Each course module takes approximately 40-60 minutes. So you can expect the course to be approximately five hours.

Howard Berg teaches this course with other instructors. Howard is a Guinness World record holder in speed reading. His record of reading 25,000 words in a minute is yet to be broken.

We believe that if you can read even small things. Then, you can learn to speed read. Your disability should not hold you back. In speed reading, your brain undergoes a mindset shift. You will learn to train your eyes, reducing subvocalization, and word clustering to help you speed read.

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