Joe Rubino’s Self-Confidence Coaching Certification Program quality

Joe Rubino’s Self-Confidence Coaching Certification Program quality

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Would you start a new business or expand a current business?

Would you attract a warm, loving, and passionate soul-mate?

Would you expand your circle of friends and hobbies to live a life filled with joy and passion?

Would you do whatever it took to enhance your health and reinvent your appearance?

Would you attract others to you in a charismatic and personally powerful manner to change
your life and theirs?

Would you become wealthy and use your abundance to not only impact her own life but contribute to the lives of those you care about or the causes you wished to champion?

Would you immerse yourself into personal development and inspire others to live their best lives?

Would you travel the world, living a grand adventure of exploration and discovery?

Would you inspire those you love with your actions?

Would you simply have a ton of fun?

My name is Dr. Joe Rubino and since 1991, I have been on a mission to impact the lives of 20 million adults and 20 million children. In addition to fulfilling my vision through personal coaching, writing books, creating movies, and public speaking, I have created a company that certifies coaches to change lives. We certify coaches in several areas of coaching to go out and transform the lives of others. In doing so, I have been able to teach others to teach others and by doing so, we are creating legions of light bearers who are going out into the world impacting millions with the principles that I personally have used to impact my own life and the lives of millions of others.

But please know, I was not always a person with such a lofty vision. In fact, at the age of 36, I found myself lacking in self-confidence, resigned and apathetic to life. Even my friends reminded me repeatedly that I could not lead three people in silent prayer! I lacked the self-confidence to transition out of work that no longer served me and had become drudgery. I was a social introvert, possessing few friends and incompetent in social situations. I would have been paralyzed to even consider the possibility of speaking in public, or to risk beyond the familiar, smothering confines of my comfort zone.

I did not know that I had the ability to honor my most important values, was not aware of possessing any gifts, and was living a life of silent desperation in just about every way.

It was not until I entered into a one-year transformational program that turned into 10 years of rigorous personal development that I finally realized that I need not live from the evidence I had created since my childhood that �that was just how I was”� unable to alter my path or change my destiny.

It was not until I learned the secrets to elevating my own self-confidence that my life began to miraculously transform for the better. As I gained in self-confidence, my self-esteem increased as well. I began to see my future as not only bright but my success as being inevitable. When I combined this positive expectation for a bright future with the burning desire to contribute to others, I had stumbled upon an unstoppable combination of qualities that would transform my life and support me to commit my life to a vision of supporting others to transform theirs as well.

“Low self-confidence is an epidemic and I can’t think

of a better life focus than helping free people from

the limitations that result. Imagine, how incredible
it feels to know that you helped someone shed the


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