Lays On The Football quality

Lays On The Football quality

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I suggest you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. I want you to sit back and read my web site. What I have to say may just turn out to be life changing – exactly what it has been for a number of my subscribers. I want to give you access to a method that I use to make a consistent income from football betting.

Just remember, what I am sharing with you is going to give you the opportunity to make CONSISTENT life-style changing money that you have always wanted and deserved.

Once upon a time, I was a full time 9 to 5 employee. I will tell you now what I told everyone back then – I hated it – I wanted more for myself. Away from work, I was passionate about two things which were football and betting.

So what is this service all about?

Over the past two months, I have been running a “test group” of 15 members from one of my previous betting service web sites. Over this two month period, the members of this test group were sent a total of 71 selections over 60 days.

Using £25 stakes, these members made £1038.33 PROFIT

NOW… before we continue, I want to make sure of a few things:

If you found yourself agreeing with anything I said above then keep on reading – this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.See, I
You see, I was once what you call a ‘mug punter’. I would bet on anything even if it was a recommendation from a friend. It also didn’t matter what sport I bet on. I made money, but I lost even more.Eventually I discovered Betfair – a new world of betting had opened up to me.

Lay betting puts you in the shoes of the bookmaker. You can actually place a bet AGAINST a specific outcome.
Anyone who has ever used Betfair before will know what I mean by this.When it comes to betting on Betfair, you are not actually betting against the house. You are betting against other punters who are betting the exact opposite of what you are betting. This is why none of my services or accounts get shut down – I am not taking any money from the bookmaker. All the profit is coming from unsuspecting punters who are betting the opposite of what I’m betting!
Betfair allows YOU to act as the bookmaker and bet AGAINST an outcome happening.
Lay betting is very simple and very profitable.
To give you an example of how it works, what you are doing is betting AGAINST a specific outcome from happening. To give you an example, let’s say we are betting at the Euros and we have ENGLAND against CROATIA. If we place a lay bet on Croatia, what we are predicting is that ENGLAND WON’T LOSE.

In other words, if the game ends in an ENGLAND win or a draw, we WIN our bet!

Lay betting is very simple when you try it for yourself. One thing that you do need to be cautious of, is the bigger the odds that you lay at, the greater the risk. My service attempts to select lay bets which are within a certain range which always protects us.

The aim of this service is to provide 2 bets a day. Sometimes just 1 and sometimes even 3. The aim will be 2. I am a ‘global’ football fan meaning that my methods and systems apply to ALL leagues. I can apply them to any leagues in Europe, I can even do it on Brazilian leagues! It all comes down to the research indicators and statistics that I use.
Since the beginning of my ‘test group’ phase, we had 71 bets in 60 days which is a fairly low number.
Using £25 lay stakes, we made
£1038.33 (tax free profit) in 2 months
Using £100…


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