Little Acorns Low-Liability Laying Formula. quality

Little Acorns Low-Liability Laying Formula. quality

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“Little Acorns works! I dont use your staking plan I use
level stake laying at all weather tracks only and it works a treat for me! In
fairness your staking plan does make more profits but I prefer the more steady
growth and compound my profits over month by month. Whichever staking method
you choose I am sure it will make a profit all round as it just makes great
common sense! Thanks.”   W Belmont.

And Little Acorns© wipes out the
competition for FIVE YEARSin succession to also land Lucy’s Betting OscarsBest in Class Award

And in 2017…the beat goes on withanother rip-roaring

Little Acorns© is awarded
thesupreme and much covetedbetting accolade of the

“Best Horse Racing System”

“Your Little Acorns formula makes me feel very
comfortable every time I use it. I’m up exactly £1,770 in
2-weeks…”P. Cotterill, Solihull,

Grab yourself a cuppa and make yourself
comfortable!What I’m about to reveal is going to really excite you and
help make your betting account grow and grow, week after week, month after
month.Only a handful of lucky folk outside of our office know this
formula exists, and are using it to their advantage even as you
read.You are about to learn details of a most exciting way of winning
stress free profits which will both surprise and delight you… I’ll be
upfront – what I’m about to tell you centres upon laying horses to LOSE, and
yes I know you’ve heard it all before, but please bear with me on this one and
accept this easy challenge…

Simply make a note of your betting balance,then
follow the Little Acorns© formula forjust
30-days. Afterwards, take anotherlook at your betting
balance…Let’s just say you’ll be pleasantly

What you’re about to read will likely turn onto its head
everything you ever thought about laying horses to lose. In all my years of
researching, analysing and recommending the very best of sports betting
investments, I’ve never come across such an excitingly successful and
safe method of laying horses as the Little Acorns©
Low-Liability Laying System.In the next few minutes you’ll discover how
the most perilous risk involved in laying horses to lose has been skilfully
overcome by a talented but unassuming racing guru. His exceptionally clever and
copyright protected formula gives you a simple low stress way of reliably
securing profits which average…

Between 7 & 35
times more than whatever starting stakeyou choose… All safe in the
knowledge you are NOTexposing yourself to high payout

Yes, you read that correctly!In a
moment I’ll explain everything to you and give you details of actual and
provable recent results. But first, for the benefit of those who are new to
the concept, laying a horse to lose means you take on the role of bookmaker in
a small way. When a horse loses, you win and keep your punter’s stake. When a
horse wins, you return your punter’s stake and payout an additional amount in
keeping with the odds you gave when the bet was placed.

principle is simple enough and you’ll know, of course, that regular bookmakers’
have used it for years…


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