Loving Editing | Photoshop Tutorials quality

Loving Editing | Photoshop Tutorials quality

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we will focus on creating a better skin in order to create a better image. We will be using a 3-step technique to add a glistening/shine effect to skin, improving the specular highlights, improving the texture of the skin and giving us better contrasts. This will also improve the perceived depth of our image making our subject pop much more!

Learn to create this look too for your photos with this tutorial!

Tutorial Format: Video | Time: 90 Minutes | .PSD & Photos Included Subtitulos En Español: Próximamente

Everyone loves glamorous wedding photos but sometimes the setting, the light, the weather aren’t contributing as we would like. This is when we turn to Photoshop for assistance!

In this video tutorial, I will show you how you can glamorize and beautify a wedding photo like this and turn it from boring to exciting! We will work on transforming the atmosphere, giving this image an elegant evening look, we will also focus on retouching and color correcting techniques that will give our image a slick and sophisticated look! Ready to give your photos the “star” treatment?

Tutorial Format: Video | Time: 207 Minutes | .PSD & Photos IncludedSubtitulos En Español | Legendas Em Portugues

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will do a full revamp! If we want our photo to jump out at people, we’ll have to add light effects, vibrant colors, make the skin look super slick, add a “studio” background and even add freckles on her face! This will get people’s attention, no? I think it will!

So if this is the type of look you would like to recreate for your own photos, then this tutorial is really for you, and I believe that in it, you will learn a ton of new tricks that will bring your editing game to the next level!

Tutorial Format: Video | Time: 132 Minutes | .PSD & Photos Included Subtitulos En Español

Who has never dreamed of being a super hero? Even with a flimsy costume from a big-box store, with the help of Photoshop, anyone can look the part!In this tutorial, we will replace the guy’s shirt with a space-ready bodysuit, create a glowing teleporting triangle, we will create light effects, add tons of highlights, smoke, particles, wrinkles, and even give the guy a state-of-the-art space shield!

We will do a bit of everything in this tutorial, from photomanipulation to retouching to coloring, and much more! You are sure to learn many new editing techniques in this one which will help you bring your editing skills to the next level!

Original Photo photographed by Mooshuu (CC BY-SA 2.0) 

Tutorial Format: Video | Time: 390 Minutes | .PSD & Photos IncludedSubtitulos En Español

Not everybody can bring studio lights everywhere they go. Sometimes the light coming from the window is all that you have. With Photoshop however, we can make it look as if we had taken the photo in a studio!Natural light can often produce high contrasts, dark shadows and harsh highlights, but fear not, all of this can be easily fixed in Photoshop!

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to do just that, we will then work on bringing out the details in the skin, we will do some retouching of course, we will be changing the lighting from harsh light to soft light and we will also work on the colors in orderto give our image a look that usually can only be achieved in a professional studio!

Tutorial Format: Video | Time: 74 Minutes | .PSD & Photos IncludedSubtitulos En Español

How to turn a rather dull unimpressive photo into somethings that will suddenly get a lot of attention? In this video tutorial, I will show you exactly how to do it…


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