Lucky Lauren quality

Lucky Lauren quality

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I’m Lauren Dixon, thats me in the photo and a lot of people think I am “lucky”.

Luckily as it happens people tend to call me “Lucky Lauren”.

Why do they think I’m lucky?

Because while they’re betting and losing, I’m betting and winning.

Over the last 4 years I have made over
£50,000 betting on the horses.

Ever since I went Pony Trekking when I was 9 years old I’ve been obsessed with horses.
I was fortunate enough that my parents were friends with a family who had some and I went to ride whenever I could.

After leaving college I worked as a Work Rider and I learnt a lot about the horses I rode,

because I only worked mornings, I got a part time job working in the Spa at the Lingfield Park Resort thanks to a recommendation from a friend at the Yard.

What I didn’t know is that from the information I knew about the horses, the information that I overheard at the yard and even in and around the Spa on race days, could actually make me any money at all.

I didn’t get into betting until my ex-boyfriend started to quiz me about the horses I rode and when they were running next. He used to shout at the TV when the football was on as his bets failed time and time again.

One winner and he’d go on about it for weeks, all while still losing more and more. He asked me to pick some horses for him to bet on one weekend.

Winner, 4th, Winner, 2nd, Winner

“Beginners luck” I said, knowing there was more to it than that.

But seeing the money he made from those 5 bets made me wonder… “Maybe I can make some money from doing this myself”

I started to make selections after work at the yard each day before going back to work in the evenings. I’d come home from the Spa exhausted but excited to see how I had got on.

It wasn’t until 3 weeks later that I realised that if I’d have put just £10 on each horse I’d selected I’d have made over £490

Thats a nice new bag! In fact its £5 more than the perfect handbag that I saw last time I was shopping.

That was the moment something in my brain clicked and I thought “you can do this!”

I didn’t have a lot of spare money laying around despite working 2 jobs, after my ex moved out I was paying the whole rent on my own and travel costs had started to add up.

I decided that this was the time, I was either going to make something of it or go bust and probably end up flying to Thailand with some friends with the last of my savings.

It took me a few days to pull the trigger but after seeing profitable day after profitable day pass without me making a penny I jumped in.

I remember the day still to this moment.

It was Thursday 14th July 2016, just over a week until my birthday and there was a busy race day ahead.

Chepstow, Doncaster, Epsom, Hamilton & Leicester

My first 2 bets at Chepstow lost. I started to think I’d made a horrible decision.

Then Came My First Ever
Betting Profit

Nothing to shout home about either.

A fiver win bet on Robinnielly at Hamilton, Odds 15/8

I’d made my first ever money betting, a huge £9.38

I went on to hit 2 more winners that day finishing in profit by £44.38

I was jumping around the bedroom like a crazy lady, if anyone would have seen me they’d have thought I’d have won the lottery but I still remember that day clearly, as it was the day my life started to change.

Over the next 18 months, I worked the yard, placed my bets, went back to work at the Spa in the evening.

I’d started a little savings account to put my winnings in and I’d now totalled over £20,000 in winnings. It was strange, I always though when I made my first £500 I’d go out and treat…


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