Moonlight Manifestation – Harvest the 2am manifestation quality

Moonlight Manifestation – Harvest the 2am manifestation quality

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The complete Moonlight Manifestation Audio System

Includes 3 professionally engineered sound healing
series with 20 vibrational layering sound journey’s. So you can experience
months, years, and even DECADES of transformation… overnight.

The ‘Income Manifestation’ Series

7 life-changing vibrational layering sound journeys
that will clear DEEP DNA-level blocks that keep you from manifesting the
income you deserve. Discover your purpose, earn more, love life!

The ‘Unstoppable Motivation’ Series

Wake-up feeling lighter and more motivated than ever
as all limiting beliefs disappear, while you sleep. Includes 8 sound
journey’s to awaken your FULL potential, at last!

The ‘Unlock Your Quantum Magic’ series

Unlock empowering new soul gifts, psychic abilities,
public speaking talent, even boost your IQ and memory. A total of 6 sound
journey’s to make you feel more alive than you have in years!

The ‘Sweet Dreams’ Application

Listen to the sound journeys anytime, anywhere. The
Sweet Dreams mobile app allows you to enjoy your full Moonlight
Manifestation Library on your smartphone or tablet. Just hit “Play.”

The Moonlight ManifestationBonus Bundle

Act today to receive 3 ADDITIONAL bonus series: The
Dream Yoga Activation System, The Overnight Healer Series, and The Overnight
Hypnotic Healer Series. Plus, a quick-start guide to get you started

Abundance Rising REALLY soothed me…I “consciously” enjoyed it, feeling really soothed,
safe and relaxed before I fell asleep and then the next morning I awoke with a much
improved version of myself! REALLY LIKE THE DEEP FREQUENCY OF THAT ONE! The tone, the
reverberation, reached a very deep part of being that generated amazing feelings of
relief I didn’t even know I could achieve!

~ Terri S.

It is easy to use and soothing – a good thing for anybody who is willing to relax and go
into the receptive and allowing mode. The voice speaking is very calming and soothing,
and the words spoken, the consciousness within the vibration of the words, resonates
with me. I truly feel like I’m not alone with all of this “stuff” going on in this
reality, and on the planet, that I’ve had real difficulty navigating through all of my
life. So listening to both of them (both long and short versions) gives me another
chance to change tracks and I feel like someone has my back.

I believe that using Moonlight Manifestation regularly will have a lasting good effect on
all areas of life.

~ Hege U.

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