Neuropathy No More vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News quality

Neuropathy No More vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News quality

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It used to be that neuropathy was a life sentence.

It would get slowly worse.

If you were very unlucky complications could lead to very serious illnesses.

I haven’t had neuropathy for 3 years now.

And this is how I tackled it:

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

Although I haven’t had a single neuropathy symptom for three years now there are occasions when I lie there in bed in the morning… and just wait.

I wait to see if there is any sensation. Any jangling of the nerves.

There’s nothing. Not a thing.

I try to feel even a tingling where I once suffered pins and needles…numbness…. and pain.

But it’s gone. I can lay there all day if I want to.. I never feel even a twinge.

Three years after I last felt any neuropathy symptoms at it still makes me smile when I wake up feeling so good.

Yet, if you’d asked me three years ago if… would ever feel this healthy again I’d have said ‘no’. And probably laughed at you for asking such a question.

After all, I had followed my doctor’s health advice and I took my meds. I followed instructions and simply hoped it wouldn’t get worse. 

These treatments though are just damage limitation. Because over time it did get worse. The pain relief meds had to get stronger and the side-effects – dizziness and tiredness – meant I had to give up work.

But as you may already know, the worst neuropathy complications can be awful.

Blood pressure problems are common. Digestion starts to go wrong and sexual dysfunction issues are more likely. Some neuropathy patients suffer foot and leg amputation.

It can be a horror story. Fortunately, it wasn’t my horror story. I did something for myself that made things work out much more happily for me.

And as a result I have been symptom-free for three years. I’m not sure I’ve been this healthy since my twenties – and yet it was incredibly simple to do.

Neuropathy is an unusual illness because its real causes are actually other illnesses. Other things are going wrong with us and neuropathy is one of the side-effects.

Sometimes we know what the other illness is. And sometimes we don’t.

If you are having trouble regulating blood sugars then nerve damage is a common side-effect of that problem.

If you suffer from any kind of immunity disease then, again, neuropathy is a known side-effect of such illnesses.

Chronic inflammation is endemic throughout the western world; and it often has nerve pain as one of its side-effects.

In fact, there’s a long list of conditions that directly lead to neuropathy.

Sometimes we get the neuropathy before we even know about the condition that’s causing it.

That’s because the condition itself hasn’t been picked up by our doctor. In this case, neuropathy is our first clue that something’s going badly wrong with our body.

Either way, it’s an underlying illness that leads to neuropathy. Neuropathy is its side-effect.

If we could treat that underlying illness then, of course, our troubles are over. We get shot of the illness – and the neuropathy that it’s causing.

But how on earth do we do that?

Well, I found out one thing that turned my worries into hope… and my hopes into health and happiness.

Because although many health conditions can eventually lead to neuropathy… just about all those health conditions themselves originate from one single problem.

Sounds a little odd I know.

But it’s now firmly understood by medical scientists that these apparently different conditions all have, at their source. a single cause.

If we tackle that single cause head-on then… we’ve also tackled the…


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