Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief for Back and Joint Pain quality

Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief for Back and Joint Pain quality

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The new revised Pilates Ebook
offers you 30 more detailed pictures and modifications on the Classic
Exercises along with Pilates Principles and Standing Posture and Balance Exercises.

You are about to learn the exercises that I have been experimenting and testing on my own students for over 15 years.

These back and joint exercises have been found to be most beneficial in relieving back and joint pain from activities of daily living, or even from degenerative conditions in the spine and from arthritis.

I wrote this book to help improve the lives of countless people who are suffering.

you have been trying for years to overcome painful back and joints and
have been doing the wrong back and joint strengthening exercises then
you need to try the exercises in this Pilates Ebook.

Pilates is not just for movie stars who want to keep their firm and toned figures.

Pilates is for people at every age who want to look and feel their best!

is a corrective, rehabilitative form of exercise that was developed for
just that purpose; to improve our body’s functioning by bringing it
back into a natural state.

Just read some of the testimonials from students who have improved their lives with Pilates!

are both men and women, everyday people of all ages up to even 92

Proof that it is possible to do Pilates and benefit from it at
every age; if you start at the correct level and progress gradually.

Hello! My name is Jennifer Adolfs M.S.S., and I am the founder of
the website www.Pilates-back-joint-exercise.com.

I am an advanced mat
and equipment certified Pilates Instructor through the PhysicalMind
Institute, they have progressed Pilates original work and believe in
training people in the neutral spine technique.

I believe also
that working in neutral is the healthiest way to train your spine.

It takes into
account the natural curves of the spine and strengthens them in this
state allowing the body to function naturally and without pain.

am also certified through the American Council on Exercise as a Clinical
Exercise Specialist and have worked extensively with special
populations to rehabilitate spine and joint, as well as other health
related conditions.

Working as an Exercise Specialist for over 16
years I have found the benefits of regular exercise, particularly
weight-bearing exercise and the amazing results, especially for my
senior clientele.

Their mobility and strength have improved
dramatically which, in turn, assists in their independent living.

my students were functioning well and getting stronger and staying
healthy and injury free, but some were still experiencing pain and
stiffness in their back and joints.

Most of these aches and pains
can be attributed to degenerative spine conditions and arthritis that
seem to be inevitable as we age, but I still did not like the fact that
they were hurting.

In the late 90’s I started experimenting with stretching and core
strengthening exercises.

I developed and led classes adjusting and
modifying as needed for different populations and health conditions.

were able to perform these exercises without feeling the pain and
stiffness later; they actually felt energized after the classes.

The classes kept advancing and progressing to
benefit everyone, no matter how fit or de-conditioned they were.

started incorporating the fundamentals of these Pilates Ebook exercises
into my client’s workouts, involving the breathing and core stability
while they were performing their lifts.

At the end of the workouts
we’d finish with some…


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