Spirited Meditation quality

Spirited Meditation quality

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“Leading Hypnosis Authority And Master  Of Mind Mechanics
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The World Has Ever Seen On Becoming An Expert In Spiritual Meditation!”

“The Time Has Come To Gain The Awareness, Clarity, and Peace Of
Mind That Comes With Effectively Mastering Spiritual Mediation!”

“Now…. By Discovering The Principles Found In This Program, You Can
Experience The Enlightenment   That So Many
Around The World Have Used To Gain Crystal Clear Focus…”

Do you ever feel like your entire life is moving at a hundred miles an hour
and you don’t even have time to think and/or relax?

Have you ever wondered if spiritual meditation can have a positive impact on
your mental and physical being?

Is spiritual meditation something you have always wanted to explore but don’t
know where to begin?

If You Have Answered Yes To Any One Of The
Above Questions, Then To Say That You Have Arrived At The Right Place At The
Right Time And Have Access To All Of The Right Information Would Be A Massive

My name is Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist and I have dedicated the
majority of my adult life to helping improve their lives through the power of
hypnotic influence.

When most people see that I have a Masters’ Degree in Cognitive Psychology
and will soon have a Doctorate in Education, the first question they ask is why
I chose to become a hypnotherapist as opposed a psychologist or a teacher.

The answer is very simple. First off, I believe that I am a teacher. While I
may not be teaching to students in classroom, I am in introducing people to
concepts that they have never been exposed to before and showing them how to
apply them in a way that will help them.

That in my opinion, is what teachers do every single day.

Now As Far As Psychology Goes, I Believe That
Most Psychologists Are Really Interested In How The Mind Works As Opposed To
Knowing What To Do With That Information

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way, shape or form downplaying what
psychologists do. It is just my belief that most of them focus too much on
either just discovering information about the mind for the sake of curiosity or
just prescribing medication to fix the problems that people experience.

For me, hypnosis is a far better alternative.

And the reason being is because it allows me to take everything that I know
about the mind and help people use that knowledge to their advantage in life.

My study of the mind and the metaphysical
is always something that has fascinated me and when it comes to that area of
study and how to use it to enrich your life, learning to master spiritual
meditation is one of the beneficial things you can do….

The positive effects of spiritual mediation have been known for thousands of

People from all over the worlds have used spiritual mediation to attain a
higher degree of enlightenment since the beginning of time.

Some people however, find it difficult to meditate.

It’s not hard to understand why.

With so many thoughts running wild within our minds, clearing the mind and
achieving the state of pure consciousness can be quite a task.

I learned that first hand many years ago when I first began practicing
hypnotherapy professionally.

In order to effectively influence someone using hypnosis, you must have them
achieve the alpha state so that you can then begin implanting the messages into
their subconscious mind that will cause them to think and act in way conducive
to the goals that they want to achieve.

Helping someone achieve the alpha…


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