Start A Painting Business – Start Making Money This Week! quality

Start A Painting Business – Start Making Money This Week! quality

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FACT: The two main reasons why most new self-employed painters quit and go out of of business is that they don’t have all the low-cost, no-cost secrets for getting more business than they can handle and they don’t know how to estimate accurately for maximum profits — And that can change Right Now!

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Lee, Thanks a lot! Fantastic information!

A New Fully-Illustrated, Painting Contractor’s Guide That Shows You The Secrets Of…

Everything Needed To Run Your Very Own Painting Business Like A Pro Right Off The Bat!
How to start your own Painting Business (commercial or residential)!
Learn from someone who actually paints for a living and owns their own successful House Painting Business!
How to advertise — You could be up and running your own business within a week!
How to estimate quickly and accurately and make a profit every time
How to start making money immediately – Never work for a Boss again!
How to stay busy all year long — Even during the holidays!
Easy business to start – Extremely low start-up cost!
Start TODAY with my new easy step-by-step guide. I did it and I will show you how YOU can start getting paid as soon as this week!
Start with just a few basic low-cost tools!
I will even show you how to get all the FREE business you want anytime, anywhere!
FREE Business Like This . . .

Would you like to make hot money like this and be your own boss?

 I ordered your cd a few months back and would like to thanks you for all the advice and tips on painting you gave me. I am now swarmed with work Interior and exterior.

Are you tired of losing money on your projects or worrying about if you did the estimate right?

Knowing how to bid paint jobs like a professional is the ultimate knowledge you need for your painting business to fly.

In fact, NOT knowing how to bid paint jobs correctly is the #1 reason why new painting business owners don’t walk around with a big smile on their face and their head held high.

I am one of your subscribers to your e-book. Great info and my new painting business is doing well thanks to you.

It’s all in my new easy to read, fully-illustrated painter’s manual called:

  How To Paint Like A Pro TM

(Over 180 Must-Have Professional House Painting Business Tips, Tricks and Trade Secrets PLUS a Whole Lot MORE!)

Free Camera-Ready Advertising Materials and Paperwork: Everything needed you run your painting business successfully. Ready-to-go advertising material, estimating sheet, contract form, etc. You can insert your company name and address and instantly run copies off right from your computer’s printer.

True On-The-Job Experience: Loaded with actual on-the-job color photos, expert advice on the different types of high-speed painting applications, accurate biding, free advertising, paid advertising, simple free paperwork needed, alternate painting markets, etc.

Stay Booked Up: Use my advertising system to stay busy and have jobs lined up for as much as 6 months in advance!

Make Maximum Profits: Use my estimating system to accurately bid any jobs – even if hiring employees or sub-contractors!

I rarely could ever afford to eat out at a nice restaurant. My money was always tied up due to a small predictable weekly paycheck that never changed unless I called in sick.

Now days, my painting business is still going strong after 24 years! I don’t need to paint much anymore but if I do I can find the best paying jobs out there (as I will reveal to you in my manual).

Over the years as a painting contractor, I have had a pretty easy life, getting up at 7 a.m. instead…


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