Start Model Trains – Beginners Get Started In Model Trains quality

Start Model Trains – Beginners Get Started In Model Trains quality

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Discover all the expert techniques, tips, and secrets you need to design, build, repair, and maintain YOUR OWN amazingly realistic model railroad, just like the ones you’ve seen at model train shows …

A layout that’s incredibly well detailed?

A layout where the trains run reliably without derailments, and without erratic stops and starts?

A layout where you can save up 72% off the retail price of model trains and accessories?

A layout that will fit within the space you have available?

And one you CAN complete inside your budget … no matter how restricted your space or budget might be?

For a start, you’ll need the right information, laid out in the right way, so you can make the right decisions. And a knowledge of how to avoid the common mistakes that almost every rail modeler makes … not to mention those frustrating problems that waste so much time, or cost a small fortune to fix.

Problem is; starting off in the hobby, or upskilling, can seem daunting, expensive AND time wasting… especially if you have to search all over for the right information.

Fortunately, when it comes to model railroading, most problems are either preventable or fixable. But, it’s easiest when you start out by knowing the best way to do things, where to find the answers, and how to solve and fix any problems quickly and easily yourself.

That’s where this Beginners Blueprint series of 6 e-books can save you time, money, and frustration. Each e-book is SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND, QUICK & EASY TO DOWNLOAD (delivered almost instantly to your computer in the popular simple-to-use PDF format). You’ll get to see proven step-by-step techniques and solutions to problems, to make all the difficult tasks EASY!

8 steps to choosing the right scale for your needs. The pro’s and con’s of choosing OO, HO, O, N or Z. Get this right and you’ll prevent problems later!

The 5 low-cost (and no-cost) fun methods for making real-looking shrubs & trees (tree profile drawingsincluded…all explained step by step. The HUGE MISTAKE to absolutely avoid with tree making.

Stunning ideas for making your own realistic grassed meadows and mountainous landscapes!.

The single MAJOR cause for model trains to operate erratically.

What better way to relax than to create your very own miniature model train world of your dreams. A model train layout where all your family, friends, and children can share in the fun and enjoyment as your favorite diesel or steam loco hauls its load across a trestle bridge before disappearing momentarily into a tunnel, only to appear from the otherside as if by magic!

How to properly lay and fix track ballasting to avoid stoppages, and for a most realistic effect!

EXPOSED: The critical MISTAKE and BIGGEST difficulty with building a layout…and how to avoid stumbling into the same trap!

Knowing what to purchase and how much to spend… the options and what NOT to do!

Why the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best…even on a tight budget. The things that don’t work… and what you can grab for FREE!

“The Beginners Blueprint” has been developed over many years from more than 5,600 readers (ranging from beginners to very experienced veterans) providing feedback, comments, and advice… so it’s guaranteed to answer ALL your questions.

Indeed, “The Beginners Blueprint” can help you make the right decisions to create your layout in the correct sequence starting from the ground up. It will take away the guesswork of planning and constructing the perfect model railway… complete with natural looking trees, a raging waterfall, rippling stream, a fire scene with smoke, easy…


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