The Automotive Restorers Guide quality

The Automotive Restorers Guide quality

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Save Time & Money on the Restoration of Parts and Services for Cars & Motorcycles Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Custom.

This valuable quality guide can mean no more wasted time hunting around for specialist parts restoration services or looking for classic car restoration nearby as the discount door-to-door worldwide courier service will enable you to use the listed services without having to be local to them.

I have found the companies listed to be fair in relation to costs and the excellent work carried out. You may be looking for classic car upholstery, specialist engineering or vintage car restoration services. Whether you are looking for classic car restoration Houston, Texas or in London, England then this guide can provide you many different services so that you do not have to search for classic car restoration shop in the hope of finding a specialist service.

Alongside some of the different listed companies there are valuable advice notes when using the service or suppliers.

Barratts Classic Car Hire

I bought the classic Mercedes JMO 9K, a 1971 300 SEL 6.3 in October 2003. Barratts Classic Car Hire was then launched in 2005 after extensive work was completed.

The Mercedes turned out to be a real learning curve, mainly due to the complexity and in general, often awkward design to work on. Over the years spares from around the world were purchased. I have also helped people to get parts reconditioned, and find suppliers.

Myself with JMO 9K at Mercedes Benz World

Front interior view of JMO 9K

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 engine
front view

I soon found that a lot of so-called rebuild services or engine reconditioning services were just agents who would take your parts in, deliver to a reconditioning service, collect the parts or have them delivered back and then charge for their service. Although they advertise themselves as a reconditioning service, they were in fact just acting as a go between.

I then spent what turned out to be many hours of telephone calls and meetings over sixteen years to find reliable people or classic car restoration and engineering services to carry out the different services. This was not just to save money but to ensure that in case of problems I did not have to go through an agent. You can sometimes experience a delay going through an agent, as it depends on how helpful or efficient they are at getting your parts delivered and collected.

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 engine
right side view

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 engineleft side view

Classic restored Mercedes 6.3 engine
rear view

All above images of my V8 6.3 litre engine after a rebuild using companies listed in the guide.

Whether you have an old car from the vintage or veteran era or a more modern classic then the guide lists specialist services to suit all periods.

The ‘Automotive Restorers Guide’ was compiled as other enthusiasts and restorers would often ask me, …’Where can I get this part repaired or reconditioned correctly without being financially taken advantage of’

There is a clear explanation of some services such as ‘chemical brightening’ that some people often confuse with chrome plating. An example of chemical brightened trim would be the bright shiny metal trim around the front windscreen and back screen.

There is also valuable advice when using various listed suppliers.


Important Information for Chemical Brightening and Polishing of Trim Sections

To explain to those who are not aware…chemical brightening is the process of brightening the trims, which are often around the…


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