The Business Plan Benchmark quality

The Business Plan Benchmark quality

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They didn’t build a sustainable business model that can also request funding or support on demand. The Business Plan Benchmark™ is a straight-forward, proven framework that dramatically shortcuts the path to one NOW.

Swiftly and Without the Guesswork Especially If Funding Is Needed

Having resources doesn’t ensure success without having a sustainable business model in place. And having a run-of-the-mill (AKA non-sustainable) business plan doesn’t ensure funding or support.

Whether it’s time to scale or resources are needed to execute strategies for getting to the next level—big or small—having a formal (and sustainable) business plan not only guides the way, it is used as a marketing tool to request multiples levels of funding and support on demand. 

Getting support is critical to maintaining momentum as business grows. Whether just starting out and a little boost is needed to get the ball rolling or business is ready to scale to new heights, having the resources available is crucial to keep the needle moving in the right direction.  

“Wow, I thought things would be so different by now.”

“I thought I’d be a successful entrepreneur by now.”

“I thought I’d have more money in the bank by now.”

“I thought that I wouldn’t have to work so hard just to pay my bills.”

Most entrepreneurs have those thoughts and they are not alone, but it’s time to move forward because that’s exactly why The Business Plan Benchmark™ was created.

This is a topic that I am super passionate about because I have been there too, and I know how to help. 

In fact, all a negative economy does is accelerate failure for the businesses that were already on a path to fail. Seems counter intuitive doesn’t it?

SBA data shows that businesses that start in expanding economies, those that start just before a downturn, and those that start just after a downturn have almost identical survival paths.

After helping entrepreneurs in various industries from manufacturing, health & wellness, ecommerce and business services, what I have found is that most struggle with cash flow and have trouble acquiring funding when it’s needed because they’re missing some very basic things that no one ever taught them. 

The economy needs small businesses to thrive. Getting support is not the problem. The resources are all there—but—it is also not the solution if there isn’t a sustainable business model in place.

But it happens for those who have a sustainable plan in the first place.

Believe it or not—for those that take intelligent action—the time is now.

“Waiting to see what happens” is not a strategy.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. I bet you’ve heard that one.

So then why don’t more entrepreneurs follow a proven system?

Because most entrepreneurs think they can wing it. 

They get excited (or desperate) and dive into the unknown

That’s the equivalent of trying to assemble an expensive piece of machinery without reading the manual or asking for help.

The business owners that are thriving (especially in times of crisis) are the ones who

So, the only thing that’s missing is a sustainable business plan.

Having one ensures that business cash flow is never a problem. 

Business cash flow is the #1 resource needed to continue investing in proven systems.

but uncertainty of how to get it,

a need to know how to scale so that funding isn’t lost

I want to share a very special offer.

I can show how to move from uncertainty to rock-solid confidence (not overconfidence—there is a difference!).

Now is the time to build your business—the right way.

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