The First And Only Funnel Builder That PAYS YOU To Use It! quality

The First And Only Funnel Builder That PAYS YOU To Use It! quality

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FunnelMates Is The FIRST EVERSystem That Simplifies List Building Affiliate FunnelsTo Something Anyone Can Use

No Two Ways About It… If You’re Not Building A List You’re Losing Sales…

In Fact … On Average, Out Of Every 100 People Who Visit On Your Pages

Long Story Short,  97% Of PeopleJust Aren’t Ready To Buy From You Right Now…

Even Worse? Once They’re Gone,70% Of People Will NEVER Be Back Again!

It’s like you never existed to them.For some crazy reason we just accept it.There’s plenty more fish in this massive online sea, right?You can just catch the next one.Yeah, keep telling yourself that…

If you don’t have a lead capture funnel at the right time, offering a lead magnet perfect for what that client, visitor or curious potential customer wants…

You’re in BIG trouble…

So, yes. In an ideal world we would all have an ideal funnel for each and every ideal situation in the moment it’s needed.

And in that same ideal world we’d all be earning big fat paychecks from our finely tuned email sequence.

BUT…Making Funnels Is Hard Work

Creating, Writing, Designing, More Writing, Uploading,Testing, Tweaking…SCREAMING!We’ve All Been There!

Creating A Funnel Takes TIME

In a basic lead capture funnel you need:

• A lead magnet as the incentive• Your landing/optin page• Your thank you/download pages• Sales copy written for the pages• Follow up emails in your sequence• Emails loaded into autoresponder• Emails written regularly when the autoresponder sequenceruns out

Creating A Funnel Costs MONEY

You need to have software to build the pages, design the graphics, format the pdf’s etcThen you need to pay (monthly/yearly) for:• A Domain Name• Hosting• Autoresponder Software

Or if you Weren’t One Of The Lucky Few Blessed At Birth With The Illusive Techie Gene,You Can Outsource It And hope They Do A OK Job, Within The Budget You’d Hoped To Spend.

So What’s The Alternative?Use Something Already Built?

BUT Let’s Face It… “Done-For-You” ListBuilding Funnels SUCK

Done-For-You Funnels Take Work

Ever been excited about a new done-for-you funnel collection, only to find that they’re not quite right for what you need it to do.• Rewrite the pages to match your offer• Add your code (CODE?!?!??! arrg!)• Add your name and links in emails• Upload emails to your autoresponderSometimes finding something for your niche to begin with is hard enough. It looks good at first glance, but yikes! It ends up being so much work you’re better off starting over.No wonder you didn’t use it, right?

And The One Thing People SeemTo Turn A Blind Eye To…

Once you’ve finally got your lead magnet set up, chances are … it might not be relevant for as long as you’d like.For real success you need something new, fresh, promoting hot products AS THEY LAUNCH or getting leads into your services and to your sales pages as they happen.

When good people like you give up and…


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