The Gallstone Elimination Report * Make $42.92 With Upsell! quality

The Gallstone Elimination Report * Make $42.92 With Upsell! quality

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From  the Desk of:  David Smith – Natural Health Researcher and Author  

Dear Friend and Gallstones Sufferer,

I have discovered a remarkable method that will get rid of your gallstones in 24 hours or less – without drugs or surgery – using 100% natural, easy and effective methods.

In fact, thousands of people have already passed their gallstones and put an end to their gallbladder problems by using these methods.

Believe me, it took me years to learn these secrets by researching hundreds of nutritional books, journals and magazines and by testing all the methods myself.

But you don’t have to take that long.

What took me years to learn… you can now discover and use in the next 5 minutes and start passing your gallstones and getting your life back this same day.

Hi, my name is David Smith and I, like many of you, never thought twice about gallstones until… 

One day I started feeling agonizing pain on my right side, under my rib cage.  This BRUTAL pain just wouldn’t stop.  It would even go right up my back, all the way to my shoulder blades!

I couldn’t even touch a piece of the “wrong” foods when…the pain would shoot like lightning throughout my body!

Does this sound like you?  If it does, then you know it’s NOT FUN!

My Doctor’s Only ‘Solution’ Was to Cut It!

Unfortunately, when I went to my doctor for help, he told me I simply had no other choice but to cut my gallbladder out!

“You are ‘The Perfect Candidate for Gallbladder Surgery.’”

Next came the words that still send a chill down my spine…

“So, you want to cut it?”

He said it so calmly, kind of like saying “So, you want fries with that?”

I Started Searching For a Better Way

I made a decision that day that I wouldn’t just go along with my doctor’s orders, get my gallbladder cut and hope for the best like my mother did.

No, I was going to take back control of my health, get the real, blunt and honest truth about…what does and doesn’t work… when it comes to getting rid of your gallstones so I could avoid the dangerous operation that more than 500,000 Americans suffer through each and every year.

1. Doctors don’t tell you that removing your gallbladder is not your only option!

2. Gallbladder surgery does NOT mean your gallstones problems are over

Believe me, your gallstone problems don’t end once they’ve taken out your gallbladder…simply because your liver continues producing bile, whether your gallbladder is there or not.

Removing your gallbladder because it’s inflamed or because you have gallstones doesn’t cure the root of your gallstone problems!

 Your Doctor Probably Won’t Mention All The Risks of Surgery, Either…

…Such as the increased risk of bowel cancer once they remove your gallbladder—caused by the constant dripping of bile into your intestines. Other post-surgery risks include suffering chronic diarrhea and increased blood cholesterol levels.

I Got To Work And…Tried EVERYTHING…

I followed all of the advice I’d picked up from every “health” website  I could find. 

I popped every gallstone supplement I could spend my hard-earned money on, 

and I listened to every so-called “expert” who offered advice…

I spent 7 grueling years researching like a madman, digging through medical journals, poring through every book, article, and resource I could get my hands on…

I was relentless…I scribbled stacks and stacks of notes… I literally became my own guinea pig and tried every remedy that remotely sounded like it would help me.

Finally, after literally thousands of of hours of trial-and-error and tireless research…I…


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