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The Prostate Protocol vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News quality

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I suffered BPH for years. My prostate grew steadily – and showed no signs of stopping. Meds weren’t working.

And if it has gone on much longer surgery was a certainty.

Today, my prostate gland is in perfect health, BPH is a distant memory – and I never get up at night to pee!

Here’s what happened…

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

I’ve been free of benign prostate hyperplasia – BPH – for just over two years now.

It was touch-and-go at one point though. I was increasingly unable to urinate properly. At one point I got horribly close to having a catheter fitted.

The thought of attaching a plastic bag to my body so I could pee just horrified me. Can you imagine such a thing?

My BPH had already ruined my sleep for years. Which left me tired – of course.

But also less able to focus. Occasionally very irritable. And, at times,
feeling a little low about life in general.

And in the back of my mind, I always knew that the end-game for BPH can be surgery on the gland itself.

Which my doctor described as, “We insert a tube through the tip of your penis…”

I stopped him right there.

Anyway, it never came to surgery. Or a catheter. Thank goodness.

Just over 2 years ago I got the all-clear. My prostate had shrunk back down to the size you’d expect in a healthy 25-year old. Which, given I was 57 at the time, was great news!

Just as important though, I know how to make sure my prostate never enlarges ever again. I’m never going to be back in that nasty situation I was in back then.

So let me tell you about this. If you want to return an enlarged prostate to its correct size you can. Here’s what I did.

So a disclaimer: I’m not some health wizard or medical genius who discovered a secret remedy for BPH. I’m an ordinary Joe who has driven a bus for the last 35 years.

But as my prostate problems slowly worsened I grew increasingly scared of where it would all end.

I started visiting online health forums to see if there was any other way of reliably tackling this condition.

And it turns out there is.

I stumbled on a conversation with some ex-BPH sufferers who’d taken a completely natural path out of their prostate misery.

They’d got shot of BPH by following a simple set of instructions that ignored BPH symptoms and, instead, tackled the condition at its very source.

I was skeptical. I’m actually a big believer in doctors, not alternatives.
But despite my doctor’s best efforts… I was still ill. And likely to stay that way.

Whereas these people had become well again. Which is something I wanted more than anything else. So I decided to do what they did.

They followed a program called ‘The Prostate Protocol’. It was created by a
highly-respected alternative health practitioner called Scott Davis.

I got my copy that day. The result?

I no longer have BPH either. It’s gone. Let me tell you exactly how that happens.

Scott Davis’ ‘The Prostate Protocol’ takes a highly logical approach.

Your prostate was normal-sized once.

Whereas it’s not now. Now it’s too big.

But there’s a reason it’s too big. It didn’t just happen. Something caused it to be enlarged.

Now, we have long known that hormonal imbalances in a man cause the prostate to grow out of control.

In particular, if you have an enlarged prostate then right now your estrogen and testosterone hormones are way out of balance.

For as long as your hormones stay like this you’ll always have BPH.

Unfortunately, we’ve never actually known why that hormonal imbalance is happening.

This is…


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