The Walking Code | Automatic Attraction System – Deserve quality

The Walking Code | Automatic Attraction System – Deserve quality

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The next time a woman catches your eye, take notice of how much her movement has to do with it.

A sexy woman’s hips sway and her legs flow when she walks, causing every man’s head to turn. You’re compelled to notice her without even thinking about it…and your eyes are locked onto her.

Boom…your primal instincts are triggered, even if she’s not the most beautiful woman in the room.

Meanwhile, there are also beautiful women who do nothing for you sexually, all because their bodies don’t move well. For example, a woman who plods along or is hunched over ruins everything for herself.

Women who walk like a man are even less attractive. But women with that smooth, fluid, almost feline hip motion make us want them, don’t they?

But here’s the most shocking part of all. Women respond even more powerfully to how we move than we respond to how they move.

Think of it as the ultimate first impression. A woman will notice how you move and make an instant, unconscious assessment of your sexual attractiveness based on that alone.

The tragic part is that most men never stand a chance. They’ve been rejected before they ever even talk to her.

And if you’ve been led to believe that only other guys get the hottest women, the truth is you’re one step away from the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Get your walk and your movement right and women will be so hot for you that they lose control.

Animalistic? Even downright primal?

Absolutely…but this is our genetic programming. As men we’re designed to attract women naturally, even effortlessly.

It all adds up to one conclusive truth: You’ve got to get this handled.

What you’ve suspected all along is true: attraction is hard-wired to a woman’s senses. She responds sexually to a man who sends all the right messages…projecting the irresistible aura of raw, unmistakable masculinity.

What’s astonishing is the most powerful signals you can send are completely non-verbal. You don’t need to be a smooth talker, having all the right words at the right time.

And you certainly don’t have be rich, tall, famous or a musclebound stud.

Everything a woman wants and needs to know is sub-communicated by how you move.

Most men spend countless hours working on how to approach women and what to say to them, but the die has been cast as soon as you walk into the room. She’s attracted within a mere five seconds…or she’s not.

Unfortunately, most guys are tense, lack presence and ooze insecurity. Meanwhile, the power of a man who moves with a certain dignity and confidence cannot be underestimated.

Hollywood leading men always get the girl. They move with a precise rhythm, dictating and controlling the vibe. Consider how smooth James Bond is. It comes off as natural, but there’s no doubt about it: it’s intentional, all the way. And it’s a skill you absolutely can (and must) acquire.

The crazy part is if you’re not attracting women the way you know you should, it’s probably not even your fault.

The routines you are doing at the gym and the way you go through your work day could be killing your chances. Perhaps ironically, today’s post-modern lifestyle has led to a pandemic rise in undesirable traits relating to movement and stature.

Yet until now, there hasn’t been a pro-active, intentional way to stop that from happening to you.

A woman’s attraction mechanism–and all her urges that go with it–run automatically. At first that may sound complicated and mysterious, perhaps even overwhelming.

But if women themselves can’t fully explain how or why they find a certain man attractive or not,…


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