Thru-the-Bible . . . as It Happened quality

Thru-the-Bible . . . as It Happened quality

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This is the most comprehensive chronological Bible reading program available – period! The program is for both the new and the experienced Christian – the layman, the teacher, the pastor. It not only gives you a well-rounded view of Scripture, but a detailed analysis as well.

Your Life Will Change as a Result

You will know the Bible – and you will know God. Questions you have about your life will be answered. You will understand what God has done in the past and what He is doing today – and why. You will understand people – why they do what they do – in ways you never have understood before. You will be able to interpret life around you from a thoroughly Scriptural point-of-view.

The author has spent over 40 years in arranging, and re-arranging, and structuring the order of events.

Most chronological reading plans are very general and not at all specific. They will order the events in a general sense. Not this one! The author has carefully considered each Scripture text – verse by verse – to make sure that no single verse is in its wrong chronological setting. There is simply no reading plan this thorough that you can buy today – anywhere.

Even the Psalms have been placed in their historical settings. While the Psalms are beautiful generally, each one was written from a specific event. Reading the event which precipitated the psalm – then reading the psalm itself – brings the psalm to its radiant beauty. You will understand the Psalms in a completely different way than you ever have before.

The Proverbs, too, are placed into probable historic settings. While we cannot be sure what caused the writing of a proverb, many of the events of the Bible are a perfect match for incorporating one or more proverbs into their setting.

Nothing has been left out – the prophets, the “wisdom” books, the “literature” books. All are in their proper historical place – for your pure joy as you read them this way.

The New Testament, too! All of the Gospels are intertwined together so a beautiful picture of the life of Christ – all in perfect order – emerges from the pages of Scripture.

Acts, along with the epistles, are interwoven for historical accuracy. It is just plain thrilling to read the words of Paul, and other New Testament authors, when the correct historical setting surrounds their material. You will understand and appreciate the epistles as you never have before.

#* Do you read it mostly at church?

#* Do you read it occasionally at home?

#* Do you read it somewhat regularly at home?

#* Are you an avid Bible reader?

Not many Christians can claim to have read all of the way through the Bible – (it is a very, very small percentage) from Genesis to Revelation – in order – and in one year! Now that’s an accomplishment

What it takes is – determination – discipline – and inspiration!

You Have to Supply the Determination and Discipline

I’ll Supply the Inspiration!

Yes, the determination and discipline are yours!

You can decide right now if this is something you want to do – and if it is something you can do.

You already know the answer to the can-do part. That’s because in Christ is the full ability to do everything He wants us to do. And surely, He wants us the be fully acquainted with all of His Word, doesn’t He?

The want-to part is the questionable part. That’s the determination part. God will not force you to do this – you’ll have to want to do it. And, if you are like most people, you probably want to!

My Part Is the Inspiration Part!

Through the Bible . . . as It Happened

It took me over 40 years…


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