Ultimate Women’s Golf Guide quality

Ultimate Women’s Golf Guide quality

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Attention Ladies:                                                                                                   

So You Want to Learn How to Play Golf?

Discover the Insider Tips You Need to Know to Play Like

a Pro – Even if You’re

a Rank Beginner!


9:35 a.m.

From the
desk of: Katie Hoyt

When it comes to golf, don’t worry about being embarrassed or unsure of what to do next…I’m going to fix that
right now.

In just a few moments, I’m going to reveal how you can discover all the insider tips, tricks,
techniques and secrets you need to know to begin playing like a pro
the very first time you step foot on a golf course.

It’s true. And you’re simply going to be amazed at how easy it is to
play this game well … when you follow my simple advice.

I’ve put together the most complete and comprehensive women’s golf
guide available today to teach you every important aspect of the game,
from A-Z.

But First, Before I Go Any
Further, Please

Allow Me to Introduce Myself:

Hello my name is Katie Hoyt and right up front I want
to be completely honest with you.

I am not a professional golfer … and I don’t want to be one.
I work closely with Jack Moorehouse from HowToBreak80.com and frankly, he’s the
reason I put this information together for you.  He came to me with
this idea a couple of years ago because he knew I’m a real student of
the game and heard that I was considered the “Diva of Golf”,
bringing a real women’s flair to the game.

I grew up in a golf family and I play off a 6 handicap index by the USGA.  I’ve never
competed in a professional tournament but have played in over 55
competitive amateur tournaments and had the pleasure of winning 7 of

So when Jack asked me to put this information together for
his women readers, I felt honored…and excited.

See, I’ve played the wonderful game of golf for almost 27 years now and started playing when I was just 10 yrs old. 

But even though I’ve been playing for almost 30 years, I still remember
what it was like when I first started out. I still remember how hard it

I felt like a rank beginner, which isn’t a feeling I like and probably
not one you’re fond of either.

That, in a nutshell, is why I’ve decided to write a book that provides
an insider’s view of golf so you won’t ever have to feel like a beginner – even if you’ve never played
golf before in your life!

  Introducing the “Ultimate
Women’s Golf Guide” …

Ladies, it doesn’t matter whether you’re significant other is pushing
you to learn this game or this great sport is just something you’ve
always wanted to know how to play, this is the guide for you!

You don’t need to know anything about golf right now. I
have written a completely detailed education and teaching manual. It will explain every part of the process
you need to go through in order to play golf like a pro.

In this comprehensive, yet easy-to-read handbook:

Here is just SOME of
what you will learn on the pages of this amazing book:

But even though I had all this great stuff and maybe I looked like I
knew what I was doing to some people the truth was, out on the course, I didn’t have a clue about much
more than how to hit balls…


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