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Carol Wickenden Entrepreneur, Clothing Designer Sydney Australia

To: Anyone who’s overwhelmed and frustrated with all the stuff they have in their lives

From: Jane Alais, fellow unclutterer and professional organizer

Are you fed up and stressed with the mess and chaos clutter brings.

Maybe you’ve searched for answers….. but feel confused by all the random bits of advice you read on the net….. and find it impossible to know where to start and what to do?

A few years ago I moved a ton of possessions from Canada….. to a tiny two bedroom house in Sydney Australia.

Not only was this house small it had NO closets, cupboards, basement or garage.
At the time I didn’t even know houses existed without basements. I mean… where’s a girl supposed to keep all her extra stuff?

Maybe you can relate to my story.

Our house was full BUT when I had my children things quickly got overwhelming. We had way too many things, absolutely no storage space and I kept everything.
Don’t get me wrong….. I love being a mom….. but adding all the baby and toddler stuff to my overfull house made it impossible to enjoy my kids. Clutter made everyday hard work.

I began to feel chronically overwhelmed. I was a busy mom- with a million things to do every day. The housework was never ending. I seemed to be picking up and putting away all day long.

I tried to be organized and find the right place for things. But I didn’t have the knack.

And guess what… I spent tons of time every day looking for… shoes, socks, pens and keys. You name it I looked for it.

My overfull house  drained my time and… I felt tired, grumpy and overwhelmed all the time. It was impossible to keep my house basically neat and tidy.

I was so tired I couldn’t face my cluttered disorganized kitchen so we often ordered pizza. I found out I had spent more at the pizza place than I had in my bank account.

What a shocking wake up call.

I never realized how much money clutter was costing me. Expensive take out food, costly disorganized grocery shopping, throwing away food we never ate, buying clothes I never wore, buying stuff on sale because I might need it, office supplies I never used and the toys my kids never played with.

At that moment I realized… my clutter, mess and disorganization cost me thousands of dollars.

So I thought I have to do something to get my home organized and stop wasting money. I was determined to get out of this clutter crisis and live lighter, simpler and manage money better.

So, of course I went to the internet,

I don’t know about you… but very quickly I got into information overload! There were so many different tips and a lot of useless information out there….


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